20 years of holiday photos

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my annual holiday card project in my post “one image, once a year“. As I mentioned, this is my twentieth year of creating and sending out hundreds of cards. So it occurred to me that for someone such as myself, allergic to most long-term rituals, this might be some sort of milestone. In celebration, I’ve gathered a selection of my cards that you can order for the holidays. Each set contains a random selection of ten cards (with ten envelopes of course) from the past twenty years. Here are just a few of the cards you might find in your set: (Cards below are opened flat.)









Just send me an email with your address and the number of sets of cards you’d like to order. Each set of ten cards costs $15.00. Postage is a $3.00 flat fee. Payment via paypal.

Wishing you peace and joy and an art-filled 2012!