Grief / Loss Board Game Design

The Worst Game in the World was created in collaboration with my dear friend and mastermind of the project, Lindsay McGuire: A gifted grief counselor, hospice worker, and co-owner of a very special bookstore. What began as a small project designed to be used in Lindsay’s grief therapy groups, grew into what we now have, which is our professionally printed game, that has been tested, revised, and reprinted.

Players of TWGITW roll the dice and move along the path, landing on a Heart, Helping Hand, Lightning Bolt, or Sad Face, to then choose that icon’s card. For each of these icons, there are 36 cards with provocative questions to prompt adolescents/young adults to share thoughts, feelings, memories, and more.

Our game was designed to be not only therapeutic, but also a game, where one person will “win” by completing the path to the end, Moving Forward. We’ve watched a number of groups playing TWGITW, and the response has been positive and gratifying. 

While we are printing TWGITW on demand, and selling the game at our cost, we are looking for a publisher. Please contact me for more information…