artlab: pins & pendants

While more than fifty people participated in yesterday’s ArtLab workshop at CMCA, there were many more than fifty pins and pendants that were made. At the end of it all, one thing was crystal clear: people really love to make things that they can wear. And though everyone knew that Mother’s Day was on the horizon, most chose to make pins and/or pendants for themselves. And not just one. Some made collections of multiple pieces.

We set out pre-drilled blank wooden rectangles for pendants, a selection of medium sized wooden shapes for pin bases, lots of small wooden shapes,

paint, glue, pin backs and cording.

As always, there was the full range of approaches to putting together shapes and colors…

painting each individual shape

or creating assemblages that were then painted with brushes or sticks.

Here are just a few of the pins that were created…

And here are just a few of the pendants…

The pieces below were made by a father (the pin) and his three year old daughter (the pendants, which she did say she made for her parents).

And these are collections and individual pieces that children created for themselves…

This is a collection of monster/animals,

just a small selection of the pieces that were made by the young boy below.

The collection below was made by one young boy, with an assembly-line approach where he experimented with all sorts of ways of applying the paint.

There were also a few people working collaboratively in teams. Like the husband and wife team who created the mod piece below…for both of them to share and wear….