artlab: stamps and cards

CMCA ArtLab Bronstein stamps, cards 2013

Our third annual “Stamps & Cards” workshop at CMCA only helped to confirm why this the workshop became an annual offering in the first place.

CMCA_ArtLab_M_Bronstein_Stamp_Card 6

In a previous post, I wrote about printmaking as a particularly mesmerizing, addictive medium. And even though stamp-making might be viewed by some as printmaking lite, to my mind, a stamped impression is equal to a printed impression.

CMCA_ArtLab_M_Bronstein_Stamp_Card 11

The essentials are fundamentally the same:

CMCA_ArtLab_M_Bronstein_Stamp_Card 24

First a series of decisions about design, color, and form


then, lots of possibilities in creating patterns by repeated impression,


and creating the illusion of layers, with varied tones and overlapping prints.

CMCA_ArtLab_M_Bronstein_Stamp_Card 7

Not to mention the need for inverted thinking.

CMCA_ArtLab_M_Bronstein_Stamp_Card 4

Printmaking or stamp-making, it doesn’t matter what it’s called. I’ll look forward to next year calling it the Fourth Annual ArtLab for All Ages Stamps and Cards workshop.