at the stedelijk museum

This past summer I was fortunate to spend a few weeks in the Netherlands, and one of the highlights of my trip was the morning I spent with my family in the Temporary Stedelijk Museum’s workshop. Skip the Van Gogh Museum (unless you go at the very last hour of the day when 500 other people aren’t trying to look at the same painting as you) and walk next door to the undiscovered Stedelijk. Not only will you see the brilliant Karel Appel murals, painted in the 1950’s, but you (and your children) will be able to make your own work.

A generous selection of the art supplies of your dreams awaits and is presented in the quintessentially thoughtful Dutch way. If you’d like, you can choose, as we did, to make a poster

which might be added to the series of fabulous posters-by-visitors that are on the wall at the back of the space.

Here is my partner’s poster:

And here is the poster created by my son: