collaborative drawing

photoplay_bronstein_castle_drawing 6

While the sense of illusion might be real and effective, a drawing (or a painting) is so much more than just a picture.

photoplay_bronstein_castle_drawing 7

It’s the reflection of a process.

photoplay_bronstein_castle_drawing 3

The map of a story invented and illustrated.

photoplay_bronstein_castle_drawing 1

A visible stream of consciousness.

photoplay_bronstein_castle_drawing 9

This is why it’s so interesting to watch (and listen) while the drawing is made. And this interesting-ness factor expands exponentially when two or more people are collaborating.

photoplay_bronstein_castle_drawing 10

A few days ago I wrote about exquisite corpse, as “a room-electrifier.” And while really in a class by itself, exquisite corpse does have a sassy soul sister: Collaborative drawing.

photoplay_bronstein_castle_drawing 2

Just as much fun, guaranteed to merge minds to build wild castles in the sky.