still life, still


Last week my neighbor joined me once again in the studio, to continue drawing and painting still life. And since I’ve been (inevitably, these first Spring days) photographing and drawing daffodils, we began outside in the garden, where Katy cut some flowers for a small bouquet. She then selected a vase, and began…

Listening to Bach’s Goldberg Variations, time flowed by, and we spoke very little.

No questions, no hesitations….a full page drawn, painted, composed…

and then a request to straightaway paint another.

still life-this playground-child-painting

This time I suggested taking a closer look at a daffodil…

which led to this

and then this. life

At that point it was time for a snack and a break, during which Katy shared with me a coloring book she had been given for Easter. We talked about how coloring books are made, that they’re designed and drawn by somebody, so why not us?

We decided to make a page for her brother, who likes monkeys. So I pulled a book of animal photographs off the shelf and we collaborated on a drawing-made-to-be-colored.

Then we collaborated on a page for Katy, book

complete with hand lettering. book

Thinking about another post about making puzzles a couple of years ago, and making plans for this summer’s upcoming ArtLab ArtCamp workshops, hand-drawn coloring books are definitely on my list of very cool things to do.