exhibition: flash forward boston

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I’m so pleased to be selected (as one of ten photographers) for Fall Back, Spring Forward, an exhibition which “brings together artists who are reinvigorating the photographic medium by building on or engaging with the past, while springing into the future.” The exhibition, curated by Francine Weiss, will be part of the annual Flash Forward Festival, a cultural, educational happening which includes lectures, discussions, and events. Ms. Weiss–the curator at the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University; editor and writer for Loupe journal; with a doctorate in the history of photography– selected New England photographers who “have bravely embraced new ideas and processes while also finding inspiration in the past.” Photographs from my ongoing series Holding On, Letting Go will be on exhibit, as part of the Flash Forward Festival, at the Photographic Resource Center in Boston, beginning May 1.

Bronstein_Marcie_HoldingOnLettingGo#8 Bronstein_Marcie_HoldingOnLettingGo#11 Bronstein_Marcie_HoldingOnLettingGo#22HoldingOnLettingGo#16_MarcieBronstein  Holding On, Letting Go #1 Marcie J Bronstein HoldingOnLettingGo #30 Marcie J bronsteinHolding On, Letting Go

Holding On, Letting Go is an ongoing (25+ years) series of positive/negative images that focus on the formative relationships that imprint and shape our consciousness. The children in my photographs are held, led, and supported by people whose supporting roles are in a perpetual state of change. The negative image (the past) in combination with the positive image (the present) mirrors the conundrum: Relationships are here, and then they are gone…every single moment is experienced, and then it transmutes in a flash into a memory.

I use photography to connect the past with the present. The medium of photography, by virtue of the underlying latent image, uniquely and directly evokes the passage of time. My background is filled with many years of work in the traditional darkroom, and it was here, where studying my negatives on a light table, I fell in love with the negative image. The radiant images that emanated from the negative entranced me. They’re beautiful and strange, hyper-real and surreal.

With these works I continue to dive inside of the languages of both painting and photography, to play with color, form, positive and negative tonalities, qualities of light, and notions of time.

Marcie Jan Bronstein • 2014