fotoplay! : book trailer

The Fotoplay book trailer is HERE! I will be brief and let this gorgeous creation speak for itself, but here’s what you should know: You’re looking at a collaboration between my son Noah Fishman and his long-time friend John Loxterkamp, who made their first film together when they were nine years old. For the Fotoplay trailer, Noah and John spent a zillion hours shooting the frame-by-frame stop motion animation, creating drawings line-by-line and brush-stroke-by-brush-stroke. All post production visuals were created by John. This includes editing, creation of titles, and impeccable synching with the soundtrack. The original music, with keyboards, bass, glockenspiel, and drums, was composed, played, recorded, and engineered by Noah.

Here are the young filmmakers, age 9:

Here they are graduating from middle school:

And here they are today, a few months away from graduating high school and going off to college:

A zillion thanks to Noah and John for their beautiful, fun, clever, sophisticated work!