fotoplay: book design

While I continue to receive new work for the Fotoplay Invitational, I won’t be posting about it for another week or two. Why? Because I am fully immersed in the process of completing my Fotoplay Book. That’s right folks, it happening, and it’s happening right on schedule. Here’s what I can tell you: It’s filled with more than fifty pages of unique Fotoplay prompts. It’s quirky. It’s fun. And you’ll be able to buy it in early March, from: select bookstores like the beautifully curated Left Bank Books; the Center for Maine Contemporary Art; Amazon; and This Playground. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it, and I hope you’ll feel compelled, as I do, to want to give it to every child you know.

So What’s On the Horizon for me is the realization of a year’s cogitation about and work on the book, and many years preceding…of playing with photographs and children’s drawings, and searching for ways to inject more play into the process of making art.  Stay tuned!