fotoplay : complete the body

Through the years, I’ve created a number of photo-based projects for students. This past spring, I created my first Fotoplay book, 65 pages of photo-based prompts for children (or adults!). I’ve been fascinated with children’s drawings for a long time, but the idea for creating a book was inspired by something I noticed last winter, as I was watching children draw, in direct response to photographic prompts I’d created. The level of concentration was intense, and the approach to engaging with my images was wildly creative. There is much to be considered about what I observed, and what it all might say about a hand-drawn response to a photographic prompt. (And as an added layer of inquiry and wonder, there’s much to be considered about the difference between Fotoplay and a hand-drawn response to a hand-drawn prompt or “doodle.”) Art educators, cognitive development scientists, I’d love to hear from you!

But for the moment, I’ll let the drawings speak:

Created by a five year old:

This four year old child told me that in the space above and to the right of her green elephant body, there was another “story” happening:

Created by a five year old:

And finally, this was created by a three year old:

Please stay tuned for free downloads of pages you can give to your children (or yourself), which you can then upload to the gallery space I’m creating in This Playground. Free pages to download can be found HERE!