fotoplay for valentine’s day

Tomorrow is Saint Valentine’s Day. Overflowing with flowers, hearts, chocolate, and hopefully love, it’s a day, like Halloween, that’s embraced by kids and teachers, and brought into the classroom in a big way. (Is there anyone who doesn’t have memories (that may or may not be happy) of filling school cubbies with Valentine’s cards? Or searching in your cubby for a particular card from a particular person?!) When I was asked to create some new Valentine’s Fotoplay pages for the Early Stage School in Poland, these memories came to mind, but they didn’t lead to an idea for a page. What did lead to an idea was seeing a big, red, heart-shaped box of chocolates in the supermarket, which I bought, brought back to the studio, emptied of it’s chocolates :), and photographed (above).

Then I created the page above for the younger students, and the page below for the older ones.

I can hardly wait to see what the kids do with these. Stay tuned for the completed pages, which I’ll post here in the Early Stage Gallery and on Facebook.