fotoplay in poland

A few months ago, I was contacted by the leading English language school in Warsaw, Poland, Early Stage. The Director of the school, who had just purchased Fotoplay from the museum store at the International Center of Photography, asked me to consider creating Fotoplay pages (which could evolve into a book), for the 4000 students in her school.

After many weeks of emails and Skype conversations, we signed a contract, and I’m completely delighted about it.

Early Stage is all about learning through creativity and the arts.

Students act, sing, draw, and dance their way into the English language.

And now they’ll begin to work with a unique collection of Fotoplay pages, designed especially for them.

Keep an eye on This Playground during the next couple of months. I’ll be creating a new Gallery, specifically for the work of Early Stage students.

And to those students, I look forward to saying: Miło Państwa poznać!