in poland : at the beach

Along with the works I posted yesterday, the pages above were sent to me from the Early Stage school in Poland. At the request of the Directors, this was the second of three Fotoplay pages I created for the school that would invite the students to write about their summer holidays. My written prompt reads, “Remember? Your holiday at the beach!”

As you can see, I had included a handful of summer/beach vocabulary words. But look how the children added their own words and images. Above, a magazine and a mask, and below a boat (by Dominika).

In this work there’s an exuberant dolphin, a spotted dog, and a beach ball.

And in this last work, the young student (Helena) remembers from her beach holiday a cloud, an umbrella, a dog… and a “tomatoe.” 🙂

I also have to spotlight the expressive self-portraits that these students created. The first, so pleased to be at the beach with a magazine. The second, relaxed, feeling the sun. The third, windblown, delighted, looking out at us. And the fourth, like a fairy tale… in some kind of reverie…