made by jake

Today, in the midst of a rather dark, dreary afternoon, I received an email with these wonderful Fotoplay pages. They were created by a friend in New York, the wildly talented Jackob G. Hofmann. Jake is a writer, director, and actor, who also (as you can see here), has quite an eye for design. In his email to me, he mentioned that the pages were inspired by the work of Ray Eames.

And as I mentioned, when Jake’s not busy playing with Fotoplay, he’s writing, directing, or acting in his own plays. In fact, his play “The Speed Date” was just accepted into the Samuel French Short Play Festival. This is no small thing. Out of over 900 submissions, 40 plays were selected to be presented in a week-long festival in October in NYC. Do you live nearby? If so, keep an eye on the website for information about the festival, which will take place from October 23rd through the 28th, at the Beckett Theatre on 42nd Street.

Bravo Jackob!