Millay Colony Residency

This summer I was awarded a residency at the Millay Colony of the Arts in Austerlitz, NY, which was lovely, gratifying and potent. My studio was in the barn on Edna St. Vincent Millay’s magical property, Steepletop.

I completed a new series of paintings at Millay, collectively titled Seeking, Finding. I continue to work exclusively and improvisationally in watercolor, without a sketch, a plan, or a mark of pencil on my paintings. In this way, shapes, colors, and archetypical images rise to the surface from deep inside the subconscious. Paintings (and their titles) reflect  an inner world: Symbolic, mystical, erotic and psychological.

The Force Of Friendship . 16 x 20

Love Is A Quality Of Attention . 9 x 12

Be Thirsty, Then Be Ready . 16 x 16

Some of this work will anchor my solo exhibition

at the University of Maine Museum of Art in 2020…