photo-collage from poland

Take a look at this Halloween photo-collage, sent to me today from the super-creative teachers and students at the Early Stage school in Warsaw! It’s a labor-of-love, a complicated collaborative work, a beautifully constructed collage, and a really clever response to my original page.

There are so many artful details–photographic and painted– that this collage commands some careful attention.

And, as with all things that command careful attention, the more you look, the more you see.

There are Fotoplay-style heads on animal bodies; windows and a door framing costumed students and teachers; a cool/creepy atmosphere created with candles, smoke, and twilight sky; a teacher-as-witch in the foreground photographing something we can’t see… Everything requested by the written prompt at the top of the page is included somewhere in the collage.

Are you surprised to learn that this work was directed and produced by a nine-year-old student named Nina?

Nina’s mom taught her how to use the program, and for those of you who really understand Photoshop–the layers, the options, the infinity of it all–you no doubt see what an accomplishment this piece really is. With students (along with teachers and parents) creating smart, fun, complex work like this, it’s no surprise that Early Stage is the leading English language school in Poland!