photoplay: design a family crest

photoplay_m j Bronstein-family crest 2

Kids spent the last week of ArtLab ArtCamp “Castles in the Sky, Creatures Flying High”) designing their own kingdoms, inhabited by an imaginary “family.” They began by designing the people/creatures who live there. They also created the buildings in which the creatures live. And then they designed and printed a “family crest.

m j bronstein_photoplay_family crest 2

Mid-week, it was time for us to collaborate to create a PhotoPlay-style photograph on which they could then color, paint, or draw their symbolic family crest.

m j bronstein_photoplay_family crest 3

The reality of the large photographic print led to some new ideas.

photoplay_m j Bronstein_family crest 1

Especially when paint was added, and when the paint did its drippy, watery thing.

photoplay paint bronstein kids shield