polish benefit for bolivia

I was recently asked if I would design, pro-bono, a Fotoplay page for an International Project initiated by the Early Stage School in Warsaw, Poland, to benefit indigenous children from Bolivia. This page will be given out to everyone who purchases the CDs and DVDs created by Early Stage with their partnering schools in South America.

Since 2005, International Projects have been an important part of the education of the students at Early Stage. The goal of each project is to awaken the students’ interest in other countries’ culture, art, history and music. In collaboration with children and NGOs from the third-world countries, children record songs, create plays, and take part in documentary films. During the Christmas season, the school offers project-related CDs and DVDs to the parents. The money is then used to benefit children in developing countries. This year’s project is called The Magic Book of South America. All the proceeds will be destined to help the indigenous children from Bolivia. Two Bolivian NGOs and one Polish organization are cooperating with Early Stage School to help carry out the project.

About the partner organizations:
BiblioWorks is a non-profit organization providing communities in need with tools and resources to develop sustainable literacy and education programs, through funding and book and material donations for schools, libraries, and cultural institutions.

Condortrekkers is a non-profit tourism organization whose mission is to provide financial support to rural communities around Sucre. It offers trekking and city tours. All proceeds from the tours support local communities and children in need.

The Papaya Foundation aims to provide comprehensive help to children and youth in developing countries. Special care is given to children who for a variety of reasons, were forced to live on the streets in Latin America. The foundation supports people and institutions that devote their time, energy and money to give them a new home.

To read more about Early Stage’s dynamic International Project, The Magic Book of South America click HERE.