posable sculpture workshop

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the quest for a ball and socket joint, which was the key to the project above. The workshop took place this weekend at the Center For Maine Contemporary Art, and it was filled, fun, and as always, interesting to watch unfold. It was all about designing, building, and balancing, but because we were creating something that was designed to move, shift, flip, and turn, there was a strong sense of play and experimentation that gave way to some personal, offbeat creations.

To begin, everyone chose wooden pieces from a big pile.

  But from there, each person worked in their own way, either painting pieces first,

  or designing a sequence to put them all together.

 Some people created abstract, color-and-form-filled sculptures

while others made animals like dogs

 or rabbits.

There were lots of figures

and there was one flying space ship.

A few sculptures were designed to balance on one base

and this one below was designed to dance on one leg.

But even when they were “completed” they were never left in one position for too long…

these sculptures were made to be twisted and turned,

in the best kind of non-virtual interactive way…

Then there was one person who created her sculpture with only one joint,

which seemed to me to be an excellent idea for a future workshop.