New Series : Site Seeing

Site_Seeing_The Acropolis_Athens_MJBronstein

This past year was filled with a great deal of travel, and after some time back home in the studio, trying to distill so many memories and images, I’ve completed a new series of photographs. Entitled Site Seeing, the work is part of my collection Illuminating the Negative:

These works are a continuation of my last fifteen years of using the photographic negative as a way of expressing the passage of time, the blurry line between the past and the present, and the fact that in the end, while some things actually remain (nature, art, ruins), we’re all just passing through, despite our incessant efforts to capture and hold on to our experiences.


When I began working on these images, the subject was clear: People in intense, self-imposed isolation, eyes glued to their screens (often looking at a reflection of themselves) yet surrounded by vibrant, beautiful, often mythical marvels.


And while it took quite a few elaborate false starts for me to find the right form (the key was in breaking the boundary of the picture frame), when I found it, the process of creating the work moved forward. You can see the series HERE.