travel lust : shadowplay

I think my eyes are wide open, I think I’m fully awake, I think my senses are sharp and keen and sensitive…and then I travel…I leave my silly habits and house-bound rituals behind, I walk aimlessly, deep down into foreign alleys with my camera…and suddenly the world unfolds. Or maybe it’s me who unfolds…

There are few things that make me feel the way I feel when traveling. A busy (or empty) piazza, a cobblestone path, shadows on ancient walls…I can’t even begin to describe (with words) how much I love these things. Maybe that’s why traveling and photographing are so completely intertwined for me.

I’m traveling now with my family in Southern France. Everything inspires. The light, of course. The food, of course.

And of course, the presence of the Mediterranean. The great basin. Cauldron of cultural collision; birthplace of so many and so much.

Coming back to the Mediterranean is always for me, coming back home.

This time, inevitably, the spirit of Fotoplay is traveling with me. I see images and ideas for new pages everywhere. Above, in the monastery near the Matisse Museum in Nice. Below, in the old town of Agde.

{That’s you, from the past, in the doorway on the left. And you, in the future, in the doorway on the right. Can you draw yourself?}

Then, every so often, there are photographs that are created collaboratively. Like this series, also made in the town of Agde.

A series of family portraits.