design to teach english

This week I completed my commission for the Early Stage school in Warsaw, a project which I’ve written about here and here. I’m delighted to call myself a “member of the Early Stage Team,” and have been so inspired while working on this commission.

Like all really good projects, this one had its own momentum, and once I got going, I didn’t want to stop designing. A particularly gratifying piece of the creative process was in mining my own past work

for images that I could reinterpret and incorporate into pages to teach English grammar, verbs, and vocabulary. The original photograph (above) was created in 2009, for my book, Best Seat in the House; here it is below in its new incarnation.

Likewise, the photograph below was originally created in January, as a prompt for the Fotoplay Invitational.

Here is the page I made for Early Stage students.

In addition to the forty seven unique Fotoplay pages I created, I also made timetables so the students could organize their busy schedules.

Of course the best is yet to come, when the students respond to all the pages with their words, their art, their ideas…