fotoplay for art therapy

This completed page was sent to me by Corine D., an art therapist in New York City, who contacted me after she read about the Fotoplay Book on Linked-In. In a thoughtful review about the book on her blog, My Art to Inspire, Corine wrote about her experience introducing the book in an adult session within a therapeutic program. {MyATI is a network of creative art therapists, educators, artists, and students who share inspiring ideas, experiences and personal artwork. MyATI’s mission is to create a supportive space for those who use creative arts in inspiring ways.} In her blog post she wrote:

There are so many fun pages of original photographs and prompts to choose from. I had the opportunity to introduce the book to an adult open studio session based in a therapeutic program. The clients enjoyed selecting a page from the book and creating colorful drawings in response to the prompts. Besides drawing, the clients also had fun using the pages as catalysts for creating spontaneous storytelling with one another. I worked alongside the clients and also chose one page from the book. I used fluorescent colored pencils. At first I followed the prompt on the page and gave the animals some colorful outfits. Stepping back and looking at the image with the added color, suddenly the animals seemed to be dancing on the page. So I used glitter glue to add a sparkly disco ball at the top of the page. I really enjoyed the process as well!

In earlier post, I wrote about the interest in using Fotoplay within therapeutic settings. Are you an art therapist? Do you focus on drawing with your clients? What kinds of resources do you use? I would love to hear about your experiences…