in poland: playing w/ photos

Last week the kids at the Early Stage school in Poland turned the tables on me and created their own Fotoplay photo-collages. While the introduction of Fotoplay into their English language curriculum began just a bit more than a month ago, it took no time at all for the students to jump into the game, playing with their own photographs, adding text, and combining hand-drawn images with ones that were camera-made. As you can see, the work is surreal, honest, really personal, and really fun…

I also received an example of a student-made Fotoplay page that was modeled directly after one I created as a “timetable” for keeping track of the weekly schedule. Here below is the one I created for the 4,000 students in the school:

and this is the wonderful undersea collage that was created by one student for his/her self.

Bravo to these clever students, who took the idea of playing with photographs and used it to make their own really expressive work.

Piękna praca!