made by alexis 3

This is the third post featuring the work of artist Alexis Iammarino: dancer, teacher, and Fotoplay artist extraordinaire. Alexis sent me these pages with a note that reads, “Let the coloring begin…” And even though I know she means that she’s about to take her own work to the next level by adding color (as she did HERE), I’m tempted to color these black and white pages myself. Which opens the door into the world of collaborative Fotoplay page completion, an idea which I love, which I wrote about HERE.

After posting hundreds of Fotoplay pages (nearly all completed by children) in the Made-by-You Gallery and the Early Stage Poland Gallery of This Playground, it’s particularly interesting to look at Alexis’ work. It’s the work of an adult artist, someone who has been drawing in journals since she was six. She draws so freely, but maybe more importantly, when you look at her work, you can feel the sense of freedom in the way that she thinks, invents, and composes. (Keep an eye out for an origami starfish, an internal coffee-making machine, a slick card shark, a human that morphs into a sculpture, and King Kong. 🙂 )