photoplay: map your world

m j bronstein photoplay map world

I spent this past week with an excellent group of 11 kids (aged 5-9) in a  “Map Your World” workshop at the CMCA ArtLab. And after watching the kids complete so many projects focusing on so many different kinds of maps (including treasure maps, of course), I realized we hadn’t yet even looked at or talked about globes. At that point the image came to mind, of each child holding a ball that could then be transformed into “their world.”


Below is the gallery of photographs I created, which were then printed on 11 x 17 paper, heavy enough to handle mixed media (chosen by each child).

Here are the works created by the kids:

map your world m bronstein photoplay 3

 Some of them planetary

map your world m bronstein photoplay 5

 some which featured “the solar system”

map world m bronstein photoplay 11

and others which focused on land and sea and the natural world…

map your world m bronstein photoplay 2

I’ve long been an admirer of the conceptual artist/photographer Wendy Ewald. Her smart collaborative work with children, using photography as a tool for personal storytelling, is an inspiration for the work I’ve been doing with kids and Fotoplay/Photoplay. I’m looking forward to creating more collaborative photographs with the kids in my “Meet the Masters” workshop this coming week, where Wendy Ewald will be one of the featured Master artists…

map your world m bronstein photoplay 10